At Hot Frit we love to work with glass!
You may ask “What is Frit?”…. well, frit is a technical term for granulated glass. It has nothing to do with Pomme Frites although we are partial to glass chips!

You want gifts? We can do gifts! Beautiful handmade, hand crafted and hand painted fused glass gifts. Made either as stock items that can also be personalised or specifically as bespoke items, for those of you looking for a quirky present or unique gift with your special someone in mind. They come framed and boxed up real nice so all you need is a bow and a card and we can post worldwide.

Our ever evolving and expanding range of keepsakes, tokens and favours can be used as great ice breakers or to provide a laugh for the guests at your wedding, special dinner or corporate event.

Creating designs that are original, unusual and a little bit cheeky (like us!) as mementos for yours or a loved one’s BIG day, special occasion or milestone Birthday, is our speciality.

@HotFrit #wecanmakeyouanything

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