We have known each other for a very long time; we know each other very well, maybe you’d like to know a little more about us too? …So…you want to get to know us, hey? Read on!

We have always been arty and crafty, learning to draw at a young age and craftily creating things almost as long.

After working as Stained Glass artists for many years we decided to give fused glass a go… it can’t be that hard for us seasoned crafts people, surely?…

8 months later, we were finally happy with the results of the many months spent getting to know and programme our kiln for fusing. We did a little dance of success and decided that we would endeavour to sell them to you lovely lot.

Welcome to our wonderfully quirky world, you can call us Deb and Abi Hot Frit!

Feel free to visit http://www.lightworksstainedglass.co.uk   to see where we’ve come from and check out our stained glass wizardry!

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