Bespoke Commissions



So… you’ve had a good look at our site and even though there are some beautiful hand crafted gifts which can be personalised and tailored for your recipient, you’ve decided that what you really need is something truly unique. A very special something for your very special someone.

Which is where we come into our own.

Maybe your friend has a particularly funny nickname with a hilarious story behind it, or your brother has a specialist interest that never features on birthday cards …Or when you were young your name was never to be found on “This Belongs to..” stickers (Like mine).

Have no fear, whatever your idea may be, we will endeavour to craft it into being and fuse it onto glass for all eternity! And if you are worried that you don’t really have an idea but would still love something super special then pop the kettle on, lets have a chat about it!

Visit our Contact Us page, where you can fill in a form with all your details.

Alternatively click the FaceBook icon at the bottom of this page and message us there.

We look forward to hearing from you real soon!